Mike Nabors’ career is proof the power of pivoting
works! A longtime sportscaster, Mike has expanded
his passion
and found success in a variety of fields:

As seen on

 Mike provides motivational messages for WFLA’s popular Health and Wellness show “Bloom”



mike's keys to success

Mike’s message is simple—everyone’s career has endless possibilities! You’re never out of options! The road to new opportunities is found within everyone’s skill set—-use the tools you have acquired for years to blaze new trails! It’s something we all have in common.

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Cats Are Cool
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Running "Errands"
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Maximize Relationships

Mike's motivational "keys"

Working for the Weekend?

Studies have concluded the majority of people aren’t passionate about their jobs. Life is too short for this mindset! Let’s refocus so you can enjoy your week and your weekend by doing what you love!

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Build On Your Foundation

No matter what we do, all of us have acquired a skill set in our jobs over the years. Never take those skills for granted—you can use your experience to launch your next big career move!

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Do Something that Scares You!

Pushing the boundaries of what you see yourself doing creates confidence and makes you want to accomplish more moving forward.

It Only Takes One!

It’s often frustrating knocking on doors and making endless calls but one person can change everything! It doesn’t hurt to ask, often if you try and reach out to someone, you will be surprised what the results will be!

Cold Calls are Still Important
In this online/social media era, many forget about picking up a phone and contacting someone—and that is a mistake! It is refreshing to many.
Make the Trip!

You want to separate yourself?? Make the trip and prove to someone that you want it more than any of your competitors!

It's OK to Quit..... But You Better Have a Plan!

We tire of those who whine about where they are working and constantly complain–well do something about it! But first, formulate a solid plan of attack!

Be Versatile!

It’s dangerous to merely do only one thing well—learn to master several parts of your particular passion–it makes you more valuable!

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Motivational Speaker


  • He can pass on his three P’s (Passion, Purpose which translates to ….Pivoting)
  • His television journey and eventual entrepreneur success have enabled him to pass on these life lessons which can pertain to any age


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Mike is an Emmy and Telly award winner and veteran broadcast journalist with over 25 years of television experience working for national, regional and local networks across the United States.