When it comes to quality investments, you have to do your homework. Looks are often deceiving.

For every Ginsu knife….


small ginsu knife


You have a ….


new snuggie

And who could forget these…..

mr microphone

Buyer Beware can apply to you and me—–and those NFL teams.

The NFL Combine is often fools’ gold. I’m amazed by the repeated mistakes and misconceptions that are made year in and year out by the “alleged” top talent evaluators on the planet.

Why on earth does anybody care about a QB’s 40 time? How many times does a QB run 40 yards…..?

I could care less how high a defensive tackle can jump?

At least we don’t have kickers catching passes—-but I think it would spice things up to have them attempt 40 and 50 yard field goals with coaches staring them down. Now that would improve ratings…. but I digress.

Yeah the Combine craziness often rewards players who didn’t make any plays in the fall and had a few splash moments in February.

According to my friends from Pro Football Talk—here is an interesting list of the 14 receivers who have run sub-4.35-second 40s at the Combine in the last 10 years, along with their career receiving yards in the NFL, how many seasons they played and how many yards they averaged per season: (active players are highlighted)

1. Marquise Goodwin, 4.27 in 2013: 325 yards in two seasons, 162.5 a season.
2. Jacoby Ford, 4.28 in 2010: 848 yards in four seasons, 212 yards a season.
2. J.J. Nelson, 4.28 in 2015
4. Yamon Figurs, 4.30 in 2007: 103 yards in four seasons, 25.8 yards a season.
4. Darrius Heyward-Bey, 4.30 in 2009: 2,413 yards in six seasons, 402.2 yards a season.
6. Jason Hill, 4.32 in 2007: 2,413 yards in six seasons, 173.8 yards a season.
6. Chad Jackson, 4.32 in 2007: 171 yards in three seasons, 57 yards a season.
8. Brandin Cooks, 4.33 in 2014: 550 yards in one season.
8. Phillip Dorsett, 4.33 in 2015
8. Mike Wallace, 4.33 in 2009: 5,834 yards in six seasons, 972.3 yards a season.
11. Tavon Austin, 4.34 in 2014: 660 yards in two seasons, 330 yards a season.
11. Johnny Knox, 4.34 in 2009: 2,214 yards in three seasons, 738 yards a season.
11. Willie Reid, 4.34 in 2006: 54 yards in two seasons, 27 yards a season.
11. Ryan Swope, 4.34 in 2013: Never played in the NFL.

I’m a football diehard and gotta admit, I haven’t heard of half of these guys???? Further proof that the NFL Combine while hyped up is hardly the end all be all.

Separating the Ginsu Knives from the Snuggies….the first stop in this week’s dash (see what I did there) around the Naborhood. As always thanks for stopping by…..

THE WINSTON DILEMMA: The Combine is a soap opera of sorts and each year you have a player who plays the protagonist or in some cases the  villian. You had Tebow, Johnny Football and the latest installment was none other than Famous Jameis who is seemingly more intriguing— as there is no question he can play, its whether he can behave.

jameis at combine

My attitude after watching the former Nole in Indy—–yeah I would be scared to draft him but I would be more scared not to. You may have some sleepless nights giving millions of bucks to Mr Crab legs but could you live with yourself having more restless nights knowing you passed on the next franchise QB? The Bucs who have NEVER had a franchise QB are now faced with that dilemma.

Watching Jameis’ press conference I saw a more polished young man. He claims to not have been “coached up” but he clearly was. To his credit, he served up a contrite opening statement and was respectful of how he would handle questions about his character. I could have done without the at least 10 “third person” references but actually like his confidence.

Unlike Cam Newton who comes across as a phony, when you meet Jameis you want to like him—he seems real and his FSU teammates swear by him. You can’t see that about every quarterback. Many say he isn’t bitter about all the criticism and has blamed himself for being a knucklehead. Its encouraging that he’s stayed out of trouble the past few months but at the same time, its kind of sad to make that observation—your franchise QB should never have to keep you up at night.

At the end of the day, I would draft Jameis where it will be interesting to see if he has any hiccups between now and draft day. He didn’t suffer any in Indianapolis where I applaud him for throwing when he had nothing to gain and was impressive behind the scenes especially when he sat down for a little whiteboard session with the NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci—-the kid despite his mistakes isn’t stupid, he’s just done stupid things.

I can’t wait for Jameis and Jon Gruden—let’s set the DVR now!

COMBINE LEFTOVERS: A few takeaways from Indianapolis and the NFL Meat Market…..

*I like Marcus Mariota but he’s boring and I’m not sure he can handle a pro style offense or have the personality to lead an NFL team.

*My favorite prospect is Florida’s DE/OLB Dante Fowler who nailed the workouts but is a natural leader and fantastic with the media. I asked him that it seems like he is enjoying this whole process and he concurred—-this kid should be a star.

dante fowler

*Speaking of the Gators nine of them participated at the Combine—isn’t that a further indictment of Will Muschamp? Besides Fowler did any of these talented kids get any better in their three or four years in Gainesville?

*Really like the offensive tackle from Iowa Brandon Scherff. The strongest player in the draft “hang cleans” ….wait for it …480 lbs? How many NFL players can do that ? Not many! Scherff also lettered in five sports in high school–played QB and even…tennis. He also had knee surgery on a Monday and then played that Saturday—I like it.

*How good is Georgia running back Todd Gurley? Even with no time table to return as he’s rebounding from an ACL injury—he still should go in the first round. Unlike Willis McGahee, the road back won’t be as long and if this kid was healthy would likely be a top 10 pick which of course is unheard of these days for a running back.

mike mayock

*I thought Mel Kiper had good recall but the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock’s retention is off the charts. He not only knows all these college kids, he seems to know their bedtime, favorite dessert and girlfriend’s name too—quality evaluator and a one of a kind TV talent.

*I love Indianapolis and hope the NFL renews it as the longtime site of the Combine. Even though the city felt like Juneau, Alaska its may be the easiest big city to maneuver around in the United States. Great stadium in Lucas Oil, a fun downtown and a fantastic airport–always look forward to going there.

*One more Indy note–its my 6th straight combine and whenever I hit the home of the 500, I keep it locked on 104.5/WJJK, your Classic Hits station. They aren’t kidding? I swear in six years, I haven’t heard a bad song—the streak is still alive!

SNL BEST: Sorry NBA All -Star game, you were recently slam dunked by the recent Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the show as I’ve thought it was either really funny or really well not funny.

snl 40

Rolling Stone recently paid tribute to SNL by ranking every cast member of all time. Its a great debate and its certainly a generational one. The magazine’s top five showed a penchant to old school as it had:

(1) John Belushi

(2) Eddie Murphy

(3) Tina Fey

(4) Mike Myers

(5) Dan Aykroyd

Some surprises—how about last on the list—Robert Downey Jr who was underused and only lasted one year on the show. Norm Macdonald at 135?? They hammered Kevin Nealon and Garrett Morris and put David Spade pretty low at 27. Hey that’s why these lists are fun, because nobody agrees on them. So go ahead and agree or likely disagree with my top SNL talent’s of all time

(1) Chris Farley—-He didn’t crack Rolling Stone’s top ten and I don’t get it. The guy could just sit there and stare at the camera and make me laugh. Its hard to find many moments when he wasn’t funny. He would have been 51 today, hard to believe he past away over 17 years ago.

chris farley

(2) Will Ferrell—Just like Farley, Ferrell could turn the worst skits and still make them memorable. I kept thinking year after year he was on SNL–why isn’t this guy doing movies yet—-well that eventually happened.

(3) Eddie Murphy–He changed the show and really saved it when many of its mainstays left back in the 80’s. He inspired future cast members like Chris Rock and who could forget Buckwheat, Gumby and his skits with Stevie Wonder.

(4) Dana Carvey: He was Frank Caliendo way before Frank Caliendo. This guy could do it all —ask the Church Lady, George Bush and Ross Perot—-its amazing he didn’t crack Rolling Stone’s top ten! He was 11th.

(5) Bill Murray: No way this guy doesn’t make the top five. He, like Farley just makes a skit funny by being there and Wild Billy Boy  can adlib with anybody. The ultimate smart ass may deserve to be higher but when you look at his whole career is surely my favorite cast member of all time.

VAN HALEN TURNS 60?? One of my biggest regrets and something I may never be able to add to the ole bucket list is seeing Van Halen in concert. I’ve had multiple chances and thrown them all away. Recently, I couldn’t believe to read that Eddie Van Halen turned 60. Its good to see he’s finally sober and in a recent and rare interview with the Smithsonian indicated he has no plans on slowing down.


The interview gave us a lot of insight into Eddie as he claims to have been an early fan of Eric Clapton but when his group grew he never listened to anyone else. In fact he says when he drives he doesn’t listen to music, he likes to hear the sound of the engine purring. His biggest mentor was his father who was a musician and early on he wanted to be a drummer not a guitarist but brother Alex jumped on it first….I would say it worked out well for him anyway.

Well he may be 60 but now that Eddie seems to have his life together and enjoys playing with his son Wolfgang–I think we need to bring he and David Lee Roth back together. Sammy Hagar is fantastic but for my money the original Van Halen was the best—-give us another chance to see you live…please….??

NOBODY ASKED ME, BUT.…Oh Social Media will expose you, especially if YOU can’t help yourself. How many times have we seen Keith Olbermann well “can’t help himself.” The guys is brilliant, fabulous on the air and a gifted writer but he’s also a know it all , a grandstander and always has to be the smartest in the room.

keith olbermann


Well once again Keith did something he would body slam others for. I don’t and really can’t follow him on Twitter but read all the time that he takes on his many followers. Recently, a Penn State alumnus tweeted to Olbermann the phrase, “We Are!” and a link to an article about students raising more than $13 million to fight pediatric cancer. Olbertmann’s reply “Pitiful”

Nice work Mr Pontificator who was promptly suspended by ESPN and issued an apology saying he was “stupid and childish” Now that I can agree with….

EXTRA POINT: Congrats to Birdman for winning Best Picture and a special congrats to anyone who can explain to me that ending……?


Mike Nabors


PHOTO CREDITS:  foxnews.com,knifedepot.com,starpulse.com,culturewarreporters.com,si.com,cardchronicle.com,withthefirstpick.com,comingsoon.net, & moviepilot.com











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