My opinion hasn’t changed for decades……

I love college football, I hate college football.

I love its beginning and its action throughout, but I routinely hate its ending.

Does what happened this year surprise me? Absolutely not — the sport’s playoff system is set up to fail where, frankly, this postseason plan should have caused chaos for years but was routinely bailed out until this year when everything blew up.

Can you name another sport that has this type of postseason?

There isn’t one.

Can you name another sport where you go undefeated, win your conference title, and you have no chance to play for it all?

A football player, flanked by teammates in maroon jerseys, holds up a sign that reads: 13-0.

There isn’t one.

Can you name another sport where you win 29 of 30 games yet are shut out of the playoffs?

Georgia Bulldogs title game loss to Alabama heartbreaker hits harder than Falcons losing Super Bowl - YouTube

Again….college football is in a class all by its lonesome—-it’s insane, archaic, and thank god the Madness is almost over.

March has the right madness. College football has been maddening for years, and it drove us all mad. How fitting the long-awaited 12-team playoff arrives next year but before then, this college football playoff exposes all of its flaws before escaping to the promised land.

College football history is riddled with the idiocy of the split polls, then the BCS, and then we graduated to the four-playoff system (it was never enough). How are we in 2023 and still allowing this to happen?

What happened this year was bad, yet we’ve been victims of a bad system seemingly forever.

The ironic part is I think Florida State would have a better chance of beating the top seed (Michigan) than the team they will meet in the bowl game (Georgia)?!

Chaos abounds!

College Football Playoff - Wikipedia


This shouldn’t surprise anyone—-history, as always, is a great teacher— look at the history of those Noles who have been on both sides of the insanity. Take you back to 1993, when FSU won a National Title after losing to Notre Dame late in the season. The Irish lost to Boston College afterward, where the Noles leapfrogged an unbeaten team in West Virginia!

Was that fair?

A few weeks later, FSU beats Nebraska, and Florida hammers West Virginia —-Notre Dame had a case to play the Huskers as they won head-to-head against the Noles—-should have had a 12-team playoff then to sort it all out.

Just nuts!

5 most memorable FSU wins of Bowden era


FSU won another title in 1999, their first perfect season—hard to argue there, but Marshall (with future NFL stars Randy Moss and Chad Pennington) was also unbeaten—don’t you think that team would have been fun to watch in a 12-team playoff? Like many years, we never got the chance to see it unfold…..

Fast forward to 2004, Auburn is undefeated but is shut out of the nonsensical “BCS” (take the C out) system we lived through for years—the Tigers watched USC and Oklahoma play for it all.

Consistently dysfunctional.

Along the way, we’ve had undefeated Boise State and even UCF, who claimed to be national champs on the outside looking in—we have deserved better for a long time.

College football has been a mess for years. It’s fitting it all blows up before they finally get it right.

In an era where we can Zoom, Facetime, and create cutting-edge AI technology, why is college football still creating a playoff akin to the telegraph and the covered wagons? It is inexcusable this system is substandard to every other sport (even their own in the lower divisions that have had a postseason for years)?

I feel for FSU quarterback Jordan Travis and my FSU friends, who likely wouldn’t have won it all but should have had a chance to see….?

College football, you’ve been a wreck for years. We have missed out on so many priceless postseason moments a 12-team playoff would have delivered over decades of meaningless bowl games—finally, the insanity will end this year–2024 can’t be here soon enough.

College football craziness, the first stop in another run around the Naborhood. As always, thanks for stopping by.

ALL FANS HAVE THEIR “CRAZY: Speaking of college football, I can’t remember the last time I wore a T-shirt and hat of a team I was rooting for to a game (probably when I was in college at the University of Florida). It’s crazy that it was over 30 years ago.

I always get a kick out of fans who say well, the Gators have the worst fans, or Bama has the worst fans, or have you been to Baton Rouge? Those LSU fans are the worst.

You wanna know the truth?

All fan bases “have their crazy”!

crazy georgia fan | Dubsism

I take you to the recent SEC Championship, along with my sister decked out in Bama gear to support my daughter, a freshman, and found our seats–smack dab in the middle of what felt like the Georgia Bulldogs fan club. I hadn’t felt that way in years, and it was fun at first—walking down the row, getting looks and a few light-hearted jabs.

Then the Dawgs score first?! Then the crazy ensued…..

A young fan in front of me (probably in college) starts flicking us off (I started laughing yet thinking, are you serious?!)

For the next hour, for every penalty against Georgia, we heard, “can’t play 11 vs 18 all day. Those officials are taking over the game.” On and on and on clearly have spent too many afternoons in front of my TV or in a quiet press box where they require “no cheering.”

I forgot how crazy some fans can get.

But here is the thing—I saw the Georgia Bulldog crazy, I’m not naive—every fan base has the “us against the world, I drank too much in pregame, so I’m gonna flick off the opposition early” fans. There is Gator crazy, Bama crazy, Oregon St crazy…..and so on.

The funny thing—-that little wipper snapper was pretty quiet in the second half—he left before I got to say goodbye?!

ALBERT BROOKS DOCUMENTARY: There are so many moments I feel my late parents’ spirit—recently, I felt my Dad was sitting next to me as I saw a great doc on a comedic talent he introduced me to and was a mutual favorite.

I often use the “Forrest Gump” reference for people who seem to continuously stumble into unique moments in their lives  —-Brooks certainly qualifies as his whole life has been one groundbreaking event after another.

I didn’t know his actual name was “Albert Einstein“–can you imagine growing up with that?

His parents were both in show business and he went to Beverly Hills High School with Rob Reiner (who directed and hosted this doc) and the great Richard Dreyfuss.

Albert Brooks Documentary | TikTok

While Reiner and Dreyfuss chose more conventional paths, Brooks always ventured down the road less traveled—first just coming up with crazy bits as a guest on a multitude of variety shows where he admitted many times he would come up with the routines the night before or hours before (something that his peers idolized). This tribute stood out because you had comedians ranging from Chris Rock to Jon Stewart to Larry David singing his praises.

Brooks’ gump-like existence had him shooting short films with Steven Spielberg before he made it big. He dated Linda Ronstadt, was offered to be the original permanent host of Saturday Night Live but turned it down, was nominated for an Academy Award, and later became the voice of “Finding Nemo.”

What brought my Dad and me together was Brooks’ role as producer and “sweaty” fill-in anchorman Aaron Altman in “Broadcast News” and later Daniel Miller in “Defending Your Life.” He always played the underdog, which mirrored his life despite all of his success. Here is a funny story in the doc, he met his co-star in the movie Meryl Steep at a party before they cast “Defending Your Life.”—she asked him what role he had for her (he thought she was kidding) when he offered the chance to co-star with him —to his surprise she accepted.

It was nice to see Brooks finally get his due–truly one of Hollywood’s unsung heroes, but listening to his peers—one of the most respected talents in the industry. He may not have gotten the respect he deserved from many but it’s clear he did from those who mattered the most in his life.

NOBODY ASKED ME, BUT……I was amazed when I read this recently. Chick-fil-A just celebrated a big milestone this fall.

How many Chick-fil-A’s do you think they’re are in our country?



They just opened (wait for it) their 3000th location—-I was blown away. It seems they are everywhere. I get it; I live in the South but with this franchise—they just do things differently.

Chick-fil-A Is Officially Coming To Duluth - Fox21Online

Some would argue they are too vocal on their politics, which alienates many, and I understand it, but I respect their approach on other levels. For example, it would be interesting to see how much more money they would make if they were open on Sundays? But I think the allure of not being able to visit them on that day strengthens their brand.

The franchise receives 40,000 applications a year from those who want to start a new location yet only accept 110-114–hence the 3000 locations. You own a Chick-fil-A and you will make money but unlike other fast food chains, this company has more control, which doesn’t lead to the potential profits the competition may offer.

Which fast food restaurant do you think has the most locations in the United States?


Burger King?

Taco Bell?

Actually, it’s Subway with over 20,000 locations. Amazingly, over six thousand more than McDonald’s and over 17,000 more than my favorite…Chick-fil-A, where clearly less is ….more!

EXTRA POINT: Maybe you know this, but recently a student passed this on to me–did you know the Pittsburgh pro teams (Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins) are the only city in the country where every team has the same colors? I never noticed that….


Mike Nabors


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