Interesting conversation with a good friend this week, my buddy Greg, the owner of the local Mailbox Etc–my home away from home. He is always there for stories we can swap about our growing daughters, quality sports commentary or in this case helpful facts like this one: he gets twice as much traffic for Mother’s Day week than for dear old Dad??! C’mon I think its appropriate that its Ladies First but don’t forget about all the proud papa’s this week. No I’m not fishing for complements or gifts, just sticking up for Dad’s everywhere. Dad’s Day just one of many stops this week in the Naborhood…..

TEBOW COVERAGE: At this point, I think its safe to say Tim Tebow is tired of Tim Tebow. On a week where the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup playoffs not to mention the U.S Open is heating up–the sports headliner none other than the brand spanking new 3rd string QB of the Patriots??!!  Its not Tebow’s fault—there’s a long list of media culprits with ESPN at the front of the line. I used to be a huge fan of ESPN and still love their 30 for 30 documentaries but its sad how the quality of this network has dipped over the past 10 years. The Tebow coverage is embarrassing and it actually has a lot of us pulling for  Bill Belichick as he has done a great job so far of being Belichick and railroading the Tebow hype. The media’s worst nightmare has the Tebow express arriving in the land of the hoodie.

Tebow couldn’t have found a better destination. While many felt he wouldn’t play this year, I never thought that would happen. I still maintain he’s an NFL QB. Not an All-Pro, not an elite player but a serviceable backup if called upon. In New England, he will have a splendid support staff—the  man who drafted him in Denver turned Patriots Offensive Coordinator/QB’s coach Josh McDaniels along with Tom Brady where Tebow can learn his craft and possibly a new position. Its time for Tebow to maybe expand his horizons but before he “possibly” says goodbye to the QB position for Tight End or Fullback—its time for a history lesson.

Back in 1987, a teammate  had this to say about an NFL Quarterback following another Tebow like practice at his 3rd professional home: “He was the least accurate of the five quarterbacks. Sometimes I remember commenting to my dad or a friend of mine, golly he doesn’t throw the ball that well.” The quarterback was none other than—- Steve Young. This after his first week of practice with the San Francisco Forty Niners. The Niners didn’t give up on their future Hall of Famer and I’m not gonna give up on Tebow—let’s just keep him out of the headlines until he does something—please!

PRESEASON MAGS: June is the toughest month for a football fan. No games, no practices, not even a combine or a draft to whet our collective appetite. July isn’t much easier but at least in July, August is only a tight spiral away . So all we have to look forward to as football fans this time of year are those preseason football magazines which are well done but often aren’t accurate. My friend Lindy Davis is always kind of enough to send me his popular College and Southeastern Lindy’s conference preview issues. This year Lindy and several other publications seem to be playing it safe picking Alabama to win it all—but remember last year’s chic pick?? It was none other than USC and we all know how that turned out for Lane Kiffin? Then again we all know Nick Saban is no Lame Kitten–so this year should be interesting.

Yeah when you roll out those preseason publications you will have your share of misses. The biggest a year ago was the non mention. I looked at a few preseason mags from a year ago and nobody was talking about Johnny Football. Lindy’s didn’t have him ranked in among their top 25 preseason QB’s while Sports Illustrated described A&M’s QB situation as “unsettled,” entering last season. You can’t blame these guys, not even the A&M coaches could have saw a Heisman year coming from their freshman QB but its yet another reason to look forward to football season—you always have surprises—some much  bigger than others.

MR BILL: I have been critical of the NBA but am intrigued by these NBA Finals. The boring fundamental old school Spurs meeting the New Age , take my talents to South Beach Heat. While i’m hoping this goes 7 games, in the interim I am enjoying one part of the pregame and halftime shows, ESPN Bill Simmons. He never played the game but brings a better perspective than his peers at the table that did. He isn’t afraid to criticize and I find him funny as well. Magic Johnson isn’t good on TV, Michael Wilbon is a great writer but is an NBA homer and while I like Jalen Rose–Simmons saves this pregame show and is one of the few reasons I find to watch the NBA.I say the Heat in seven games!

CALICO JOE: I have tried to catch up on my reading this time of year and found a book which you can read over a quick vacation. John Grisham‘s New York TImes bestseller “Calico Joe” was an easy and enjoyable read over my recent break. A baseball book based in Arkansas but name drops a Who’s Who of 1970 All Stars, features an intriguing father and son plot with a mildly surprising finish. I highly recommend it but its much more enjoyable if you are a baseball fan as many of the names may become cumbersome. Hey any Grisham novel that can include Dave Conception has to be a must read right?

FATHER THOMAS: Its been a busy and often controversial run for the Catholic Church of late but recently I enjoyed a great experience involving a cousin who has worked hard for a special and unique accomplishment. Last weekend my cousin Tom was ordained along with six others as full fledged priests. The four hour service was something I learned a lot from and was the culmination of six years of hard work for a man who used to be Cousin Tom but know will go by the name of Father Tom. I have known Father Tom for all of his 32 years and am proud of him because he is following his passion. So many out there don’t like their jobs and threaten to make a change  but fail to really follow through for a number of reasons—my cousin reached the finish line but sees this as just the start of a lifelong mission. Father Tom will now be doing what he wants to do and in the process will inspire many, he certainly was inspirational last weekend.

NOBODY ASKED ME BUT: We led off  with the Dads, so its fitting I saved the best Dad for last, of course my Dad. I’m a little biased but I have plenty of ammunition. He is 73 years young, still works as hard as he did in his 30’s and 40’s and is showing no signs of slowing down. My father has so many great qualities but his best may be the confidence he gives to all of those around him. He has always made me believe I can do anything and has been there to pick me up when I get frustrated or tired of life’s nonsense. He has taught me the key to  life is following your instincts, taking some chances and not giving up. His advice on being a great father  is showing your kids you want to spend time with them, where he certainly walked the walk. Our endless trips to baseball games over the years have been  fun but it was the conversations we had along the way that eclipse any of the autographs I acquired as a kid. It was a great move by him though to stay at the hotel of the opposing team where autographs in the lobby were easy to come by!  My Dad is the best and I don’t know where I’d be or who I’d be without him. Happy Dad’s Day to him and all those Dad’s who hopefully got a pkg via Mailbox etc this week?!

EXTRA POINT: A little late on those summer movies—any suggestions???





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