With apologies to my man Allen Iverson—“We’re talkin about…..jerseys?”

Jerseys? um Jerseys?

Yeah I have never understood why anyone cares what anyone else wears at a sporting event??

Sure we all have our jersey fopauxs: as a 46 year old geezer, I don’t feel comfortable wearing a jersey with another man’s name on the back, it was kinda neat when I was 10 or 15 but to me doesn’t feel appropriate anymore—but that would be missing the point.

It troubles some of my buddies when fans wear jerseys of teams not playing at a certain sporting event–you know the guy or gal wearing the Astros jersey to a Bucs game…. but I digress or for that matter could care less.

We’re talkin about Jerseys???

blackhawks jersey

Recently, the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are a great organization armed with the best public relations staff I have ever dealt with did something which was a PR nightmare for some. The team instituted a policy where you couldn’t wear a Non-Lightning jersey in portions of their arena—-I just don’t get it?

When I watch a game, I have always watched well….THE GAME! I don’t care that the guy behind me is wearing a Blackhawks jersey, a Yankees jersey or a Backstreet Boys jersey.

Last time I checked its America, a free country. We have freedom of speech what happened to freedom of jerseys?

The epidemic spreads beyond jerseys. It seems a lot of people react to what we wear to the gym or to the grocery store.

Full disclosure—I went to the University of Florida but am not a huge Gator fan. I own Gator gear, Bama gear from my days in Tuscaloosa, a Harvard visor which makes me feel smarter than I am and all of the above get different reactions. Ok, I can’t wear any FSU gear–that’s where I draw the line but that’s my freedom of choice–something we all should have.

I used to work for the Lightning but own a Blackhawks T-Shirt because I like their logo—don’t judge me??!

We shouldn’t judge anyone for wearing a jersey. Judge a fan if he or she is loud or obnoxious. Those idiots deserve to be punished or kicked out of their seats.

Let’s all live in a Jersey free zone—I think we have much more important things to worry about–especially at sporting events which are supposed to be an escape from all of our problems anyway.

Defending your right to bear jerseys, our first stop in this week’s gander around the Naborhood. As usual thanks for stopping by.

ARI GOLD/ENTOURAGE: I’m so far behind and don’t think I’ll ever catch up.

I’ve never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones or Scandal among many others. I could stay on Netflix for years how bout you?

There are a few exceptions—saw every single one of  The Sopranos and then there is my guilty pleasure:


Its superficial, silly but also in my book sensational. Its the rare show where I don’t want it to end.  Great characters, quality writing and terrific cameos defined this show. Sure like many, it was getting stale the last few seasons so I wondered how good would the movie be?

It was fantastic—if you like this show, you will love the movie.

A big reason— the more Ari Gold the better. He’s one of my favorite TV characters of all time as admit it–there is a little Ari Gold in all of us whether we want to admit it or not—some more Ari than others.

ari gold

The movie had lots of Ari which was why the show was so good in its early days. Its funny my 75 year old father called me and said “it was the worst movie he’s ever seen in his life.” but while me and my Dad usual agree on movies—he had never seen the TV show.

If you haven’t seen the show, its hard to appreciate the movie.

DUSTY RHODES: I’m not a wrestling fan but appreciate the history of the sport. Before there was John Cena. Ric Flair and yes Hulk Hogan there was Dusty Rhodes whose passing leaves us all with lots of memories.

I remember watching him dominate in the ring and will never forget his animated and often intimidating rants along side straight man/announcer Gordon Solie.

dusty rhodes

The self proclaimed “American Dream” was born Virgil Riley Runnels but I’m guessing if you called him Virgil, it might be time to get a strong dose of the bionic elbow!

My last memory of Dusty was seeing him in a Tampa Mailbox Etc about five years ago with his wife and I had to do a double take but knew it was him. I struck up a conversation and found him modest and low key–a far cry from my memories of him as a kid.

I don’t watch wrestling, wouldn’t pay for a ticket to any Wrestlemania but I remember Dusty Rhodes—it was hard not to.

COBAIN DOC: I love all Hall of Fame ceremonies, tough to find a bad one no matter what the subject matter is as I’m a sucker for great speeches and great stories. Its raw emotion, the best kind of reality TV.

When Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a year ago, it gave us all a little more  insight into the band and the respect they had for its lead man, the controversial Kurt Cobain who took his life 21 years ago.

cobain and frances

Well a year later, we have much more knowledge about Cobain courtesy the documentary “Montage of Heck” which was made possible because of the cooperation and assistance of Frances Cobain who was merely 20 months old when her Dad passed.

Frances serves as Executive Producer in a project her mother Courtney Love tried to put together 13 years ago but ran into too many legal and personal complications.

Like Dad, Frances shies away from media attention. Sure she has done interviews about the doc but her only on camera participation in the project was her baby videos with Mom and Dad. Cobain’s daughter is a lot like her famous father as she doesn’t crave the spotlight. Frances didn’t want to accept Nirvanna’s Hall of Fame honor. “I wasn’t part of Nirvanna,” she said. ” I didn’t want to accept anything on my father’s behalf that wasn’t my business.”

Its eerie the similarities between the two and the desire for the daughter to learn more about her mysterious Dad make this project a big success.

kurt cobain:montage of heck

She got to know her Dad much better in this doc which is an often dark but just as often fascinating look at Kurt Cobain who was as complicated as this production. Francis Cobain worked years with Brett Morgan who wrote, directed and produced this project.

The key as is the case with most projects of this nature was access. The film is named after a famous 1988 cassette collage, “Montage of Heck” put together by Cobain. Its just a portion of an unbelievable family vault from the Cobain family which includes animated treatments of Kurt’s drawings, journal confessions, and taped recollections. You combine all of that with a wealth of interviews and home videos with the Cobain family and the end result is quite the background of one of the modern music world’s most private and tragic figures.

An awkward family reunion but its unlike any profile I’ve ever seen.

JENNER OVERLOAD: I think many of us have been on a Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner roller coaster ride of late. I have no problem with his decision to be a woman and give him a lot of credit for being so forthcoming with his story and creating needed awareness about the transgender population.

With that said, after his announcement, his actions have come across as disingenuous. We knew the  reality show was coming but the cover of Vanity Fair, the impending million dollar speaking tour and the Kardashian chatter taint what was a groundbreaking event.

caitlyn vanity fair

Oh and ESPN announcing they are  giving Caitlyn the Arthur Ashe Courage Award? I think there were better choices there. Caitlyn needs to go underground for awhile, it would benefit her and her cause deserves better than this.

STAYCATIONS:How many of you are gearing up for a quality vacation this summer? According to a recent article in Time Magazine, it seems not as many are holding their hands up.

no vacations

According to this great read by Jack Dickey, “being overworked” is the main reason Americans say they skip taking a vacation these days.

40% say they dread a heavy workload upon return

35% fear nobody else can do the work.

33% can’t afford to take it.

28% want to show dedication.

22% don’t want to be seen as replaceable

Its certainly a different climate these days where studies in this article found your average American in 2013 takes 16 days vacation (excluding holidays) compared to data from 1976 to 2000 which show an average of 20.3 days per year.

no vacations (2)

Interesting fact in the article—the U.S is the only advanced economy that DOES NOT require employees to offer paid holidays or time off. Not a single U.S. state has a paid vacation law. Luxembourg guarantees workers 29 days, Norway guarantees 29 days and Switzerland has 28 according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

 LETTERMAN LEFTOVER: David Letterman may be on a permanent vacation. His sweeps swan song was tremendous in May culminated by a great final Late Night show. His last top ten list was a Who’s Who of some of his biggest and most loyal guests.

One of those was Peyton Manning who shared a great Dave story with Sports Illustrated which tells you a lot about the former King of Late Night.

peyton manning letterman

Peyton recalled his best Dave memory,” It’s the day before the 2012 draft, when the Colts had the first pick. I had just signed with the Broncos, and I was working out at their facility, trying to learn Denver’s offense. I got word that Dave was trying to reach me, so I got on the phone with him. He explained that he was going to have Andrew Luck on the show and present him with his new Colts jersey. Dave said, “I don’t want to to it if it makes you uncomfortable at all”

I said “Dave, it doesn’t matter what I think. You do what you feel is best for the show.” Really I didn’t care. but he said, “That’s it! We’re not doing it. Forget it”

Great stuff. Letterman had lots of layers to him which made him a one of a kind–we’ll miss ya Dave.

 FATHER’S DAY GIFT: Looking for a quality last minute gift for Dad on this Father’s Day?  I have a suggestion thanks to my friends from BrandStand Public Relations.

They are promoting a new coffee table book with an impressive pigskin cover: Super Bowl 50: Celebrating Fifty Years of America’s Greatest Game.


super bowl book

The book chronicles ever Super Bowl from game one all the way through last year’s amazing finish between the Pats and Seahawks. Its not just the game though–this book goes provides details on the players, the half time shows , the food and the ads.

It will be released in September 1 just in time for kickoff of the football season, leading up to Super Bowl 50 in the Bay area but if you act now and log on to: www.superbowl50book.com you can save 10 dollars if you order before Father’s Day.

NOBODY ASKED ME, BUT…..Speaking of football and the word Super. I was super impressed working with Bucs All-Pro Gerald McCoy on a recent PSA for my company Nabors Media Group (www.naborsmediagroup.com) We shot the PSA for one of our main clients, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to promote the adoption of adult dogs.

For every Ray Rice and Ray McDonald in the NFL–trust me you have have many Gerald McCoys. The good guys often get overshadowed by the bad headlines made by troubled athletes.

McCoy petting dog

McCoy was eager about the project when approached by the Bucs. He couldn’t have been more helpful during the shoot which took close to two hours in the hot sun. The Bucs defensive tackle didn’t get paid a dime yet offered valuable creative input on the script and seemed to really care how this one turned out.

Oh yeah–he impressively nailed every take.

I thought afterwards what a contrast McCoy was compared to Warren Sapp who never would have been as helpful. The lesson here though is the Sapps of the world get too much of the attention–let’s focus more on the McCoys who are all over the NFL—“Dog”gone it—they don’t get the headlines, but they should.

EXTRA POINT: So let me get this straight the Gronkowski Family is going to be on Family Feud this summer—set the DVR’s NOW…..!



Mike Nabors


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