We believe Nabors Media Group is the only production company in the country to have covered both the NFL Combine and the NBA All-Star Weekend—a busy week with some great stories, observations and travel tidbits. Enjoy our weekly Top 9 list—we encourage your feedback, whether you agree or not!

(9) STAY CLASSY D-WADE— I have covered the last five NBA All-Star Weekends and have found all the the mainstays (Kobe, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and the like very approachable) but the most accessible continues to be Miami’s Dwyane Wade. He never changes and seems to be the most patient with working with the media. Before the All-Star practice on Saturday as we were interviewing him, Wade’s teammate Lebron James was rushing him to go but Dwyane didn’t blink and answered a handful of questions as usual.  I have always appreciated his attitude and its good to see it hasn’t changed over the years.

(8) RG3 IS THE REAL DEAL—For the record I like both Andrew Luck and Heisman winner Robert Griffin lll but as far as first impression’s go at the combine—I have to give the nod to RG3. He was extremely confident but not cocky, very intelligent and also funny. A fitting trifecta for a guy defined by the number three. Sure Andrew Luck is considered a shoo in to be the top pick but given RG3’s combine impression, he certainly improved his stock even though I still think the Colts will draft Luck.

(7) SLAMMING THE DUNK—-I get it, the Slam Dunk competition doesn’t have the star power and maybe the creativity it once did but I’ll take it over the Home Run Derby, the Pro Bowl and yes even the NHL skills set which oh by the way comes in a close second. I understand why a Blake Griffin wouldn’t want to try to defend his title but wish the likes of Lebron James could it least give it a try. Kevin Durant chipped in a performance in the 3 point shootout and almost won. Now that the Slam Dunk’s star has dimmed a bit—-I still like watching the 3 point contest a competition which thrives even without star power.

(6) TEBOW TIME—Tim Tebow wasn’t at the combine but he might as well have been as his game continues to get picked apart. I attended both John’s press conferences’ in Indy (Denver President John Elway and Broncos Head Coach John Fox) and sincerely think both want him to succeed but both freely acknowledged that Tebow must improve in the passing game. The most interesting nugget out of both pressers, was when Elway was asked what type of QB he would bring in to compete with Tebow (a classic drop back passer or a Tebow style spread QB?) Elway said the offense could suit either option—not sure how that will work?

(5) TRENDING TIGHT END’S—In a copy cat league, several NFL teams would love to replicate the success many have had at the Tight End position in the last year. Two candidates to make that happen are Georgia’s Orson Charles and Louisiana Lafayette’s Ladarius Green. Green has better size than Charles and better numbers where he helped the Rajun Cajuns win its first bowl game since 1944. Charles may be a bit undersized (where have we heard that before?) but is such a great athlete he could be a Tight End and the team’s second or third best receiver—–a trending notion in this position around the league. Best line from Charles all week—he has no idea where the name Orson came from?

(4) JUST–IN TIME–The best receiver in the draft, Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon has it all—-size, a proven track record of success and sure speed may be a question but I’m not buying into that. What stands out the most to me is his humility which of course is rare at his position. He has a quiet confidence but will bring leadership instead of cockiness to his future huddle which will only enhance his progress in the NFL. It willl be interesting to see how high he goes in this draft—a draft chock full of future franchise players on the offensive side of the ball.

(3) LUCKY AND GOOD: Forget another John Elway or Eli Manning scenario in this year’s draft. If the Colts draft Andrew Luck at the top spot he will have a smile on his face on draft day—even if Peyton Manning’s name is still above him on the depth chart. Luck told us this week that Peyton was his favorite player growing up (has to make Peyton feel old) and laughed at the notion that he wouldn’t want to learn under Manning if the opportunity presented itself–Andrew claims if given the opportunity– he will soak in the knowledge. The only thing I though was unusual about Luck this week was the way his former college coach Jim Harbaugh fielded questions about him. It seemed like Harbaugh was hesitant to brag too much—kind of like a proud father. It was very sincere

(2) IN HILTON WE TRUST—-If you are looking for the best Hotel for business or travel, we here in the Naborhood endorse the Hilton Garden Inn’s. They are predominately new, affordable and surprisingly give you a quality restaurant and room service options. The best part maybe its breakfast where you can’t beat the omelette’s or french toast. I live and die by the HGI’s—the best hotel deal in the country and its not even close!

(1) HAIL INDY!—I love Florida where I was born and raised and currently reside but my home away from home the past month has been Indianapolis for the Super Bowl and the NFL Combine. No other city in the country hosts a major sporting event better. The city is easy to get around, the people are nice and for the record when you get in town tune the radio to the FM Dial– 104.5—classic rock from the 60’s,70’s and yes the best decade of them all –the 80’s. I have been to Indy three times in the past year and still haven’t heard a bad song from for my money– the best radio station in the country—another reason to love one of the most accommodating cities around.


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