You ever forget about something you really like? I know it sounds strange, but it happens to all of us.

Could be an old movie, TV show or it could be an old school drink or snack you haven’t had in years?

The other day I heard a national radio host proclaim he enjoyed Honeycomb cereal for the first time in over a decade as his wife randomly brought it home from the grocery store. After eating the first bowl, he had another forgetting how good it is.

Suddenly I was craving Honeycomb?!

My version takes me to the grocery store where my daughter and I hit the ole cookie aisle when what appears,  how about an old friend…



Yeah an American classic my friends, but I was thinking— I haven’t an Oreo for at least 10 years? What is wrong with me? 

So then things got interesting as walking down the aisle I noticed apparently Oreo Nation has been busy the past 10 years. While I’ve been cheating on them with other guilty pleasures like protein bars and more bananas, this cookie has turned into quite the dynasty. It used to be two things, Oreos and Double Stuff but unbeknownst to me there are a million Oreos these days……


What the hell is going on?

Jelly Donut Oreos?

Kettle Corn Oreos?

and just in time for Easter, are you kidding me…Peeps Oreos?

I’m sorry this is WAY too much of a good thing. Oreos you have to stop the madness. My research tells me there are now over 85 different flavors of Oreos????

Wow, a lot can happen if you ignore an ole friend for over 10 years. Oreos I could have helped you before you burst out of control.

In the meantime, I must admit I went for the double stuff and was back for more the next two weeks at the grocery store. Clearly it’s time to go back to the protein bars and bananas.

See you in 2031 Oreos but please, slow down a little.

Oreo Explosion, our first stop in another job around the Naborhood, as always thanks for stopping by.

BLANK BRACKETS: I’m not sure about you but it’s the second straight year I didn’t fill out a bracket. Ok, unfortunately none of us filled out one a year ago as COVID took over the Final Four but this year I just wasn’t feelin the madness.

I used to love college basketball, maybe besides baseball for years it was my favorite sport. Covering the NCAA Tournament was so much fun as me and my longtime videographer Paul Boron used to enjoy the SEC Tourney for years and always looked forward to the anticipation of watching where we would go (which could have been anywhere in the country) and we did, it was a great ride. I remember following the Gators improbable back to back national championship run as one of the highlights of my career.

But it’s just not the same these days.

Honestly how many college basketball players can you name? Five? Four? I would have a hard time naming three.

The one and done has helped the sport in terms of making it more of an even playing field where it was weird this season not to see Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky in the big dance, but college hoops was great when we could watch players for more than one year and precede to look forward to following them for years.

What is the answer? I think you allow elite players to go straight to the NBA from high school but if they enroll in college they play at least two years, I would prefer three but that’s neither fair or realistic.

And one more thing, I miss the tourney just being on CBS, too many networks share the rights and the games are on too late….maybe I’m just getting old.

COMING TO AMERICA: A lot of movies don’t need sequels. See Caddyshack and Teen Wolf. We didn’t need the Bad News Bears going to Japan or a second Deuce Bigalow (I don’t we needed the original either?) 

My dad had a great idea as I agree with him that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off would be perfect for a sequel–see how old Ferris and Cameron are attacking their 50’s, lots of good plot twists there.

Along those lines, I thought Coming to America was ripe for a sequel and was surprised it took so long but overall was disappointed. It wasn’t a bad movie, it just wasn’t nearly as funny. For me, what made the original were those classic barber shop scenes but the sequel didn’t have nearly as many and they weren’t close to being as funny.

I may have laughed twice this time around, a contrast to the original.

Wesley Snipes is great but he’s not funny, this should have been a comedy like round one?

Eddie Murphy is so talented showing of his range in this movie. It’s good to see he’s working more again as apparently he’s going to unveil some new standup soon and is working on the Beverly Hills Cop “4.”

I hope that sequel is better than this one.

SCHNELLENBERGER LEGACY: I never met Howard Schnellenberger but was sad to see him pass recently as he was one of the most underrated figures in the history of college football. How about this resume, he was a top assistant under Bear Bryant where he recruited some guy named Joe Namath, he then went on to be an assistant for Don Shula on the only undefeated team in NFL history and then he starts and precedes to fully launch the legendary University of Miami football program.

Schnellenberger is the ultimate “what if” coach. He won one of the most exciting college football games ever when Miami beat Nebraska to win an improbable 1983 National Title but the next year in another improbable move, he took over the USFL’s  Spirit of Miami. The team which was the relocated Washington Federals franchise never played a game as the new owner didn’t want to compete against the Dolphins. As a result the team moved to Orlando and Schnellenberger decided not to follow them. Jimmy Johnson replaced Schnellenberger at Miami and the rest is history?

How many titles would Schnellenberger have won with the Canes? We’ll never know but he started the program, I think he would have been just fine. He went on to turnaround Louisville and built Florida Atlantic from scratch. Put him in the College Football Hall of Fame—way overdue!

NOBODY ASKED ME, BUT: COVID-19 has been tough on us all but there are a few silver linings. Recently I had two.

I enjoyed a lot of things with my daughters when they were younger and one of them was reading to their class. This month I got to read to my niece Megan’s class via ZOOM from Atlanta.  That likely NEVER would have happened in normal times and while it wasn’t the same as being in person, it was a lot of fun.

Funny side note, I asked the kids how many Falcons fans? Not one raised their hand!

Another silver lining was the first of hopefully many ZOOM get togethers with relatives. I have heard many have done this and had a blast but recently we took our first plunge with my extended family in Arlington, Virginia. This wouldn’t have taken place during normal times as we all had fun catching up where it was was my cousins giving us a tour of their new houses, laughing at the last time we were in an airport and digging up old stories about all of us.

It serves as a reminder of how we all need to talk and keep in touch better whether it’s in person or not. Thank you Zoom for that—I look forward to doing more with family and fun circles of friends where we don’t get to catch up nearly enough.

See COVID isn’t all bad? 

EXTRA POINT: Easter is a fun holiday but while Santa is somewhat believable when you’re a kiddo— how did we all buy into that Easter Bunny nonsense? Just sayin.


Mike Nabors


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