When writing blogs, I think it’s always more effective to choose analogies we all can relate to…like, well….traffic!

Can we form a group hug and unite over our disdain for those driving 20 mph under the speed limit because…they are on their cell phones.

We love those that aggressively pull out in front of you and then immediately slow down.

And let’s raise a glass to those who leave their turn signal on for miles…..but I digress at any attempt to incite road rage. My goal is the opposite…..

My philosophy on quality of life and happiness often is analogous to my morning drive to work. Think about it, no day is perfect, and no drive to work is perfect.

Some days, we hit all red lights (bad days), while others hit mostly (green). Let’s face it. We never hit all red or all green–no day is perfect right?

Still, if you take the same drive to work–some days you fall behind that tow truck, while other days you get that smooth flow.  On different days we hit more potholes than others, just like our lives.

My point here is I understand we can’t expect happiness every day but shouldn’t that be the goal?

When I started teaching last year, I aimed to educate my students and give them hope that they could be happy. Happiness is different for everybody–but for me, it comes from what you do.

Choose a career where the green lights outweigh the red- you can’t always control traffic, but you can’t pick a vocation built around what you love and gives you the most opportunities for growth.

Studies show most people aren’t passionate about their jobs and with it comes the following:

“I have a case of the Mondays” or “It’s Hump Day” and my least favorite, TGIF.”

Thank God it’s Friday?! Never been a fan. We shouldn’t be on a constant countdown to happiness. Let’s expect more, not settle for less.

I am typing this on a Monday and often feel the same way as Friday. Why? because  I have made it my life’s mission to do what I love.

Trust me, it hasn’t been easy–I’ve overcome numerous layoffs (at one point three in four years), stressful working conditions, and irritating co-workers, but through it all, I’ve made sure if I’m working, I want to enjoy the craft.

The late Steve Jobs preached this to students at Stanford’s 2005 commencement, six years before his untimely death. The theme was “your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Jobs instructed his audience to ask themselves these questions:

*Am I living the life that i want and doing the work that I want to do?

*If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

*Am I doing what I love?

Many don’t know the answers to these questions, and for that, Jobs encourages them, “if you don’t know what it is you love to do, then I urge your first step to be finding out what it is you should be doing.

I can attest the first step is the hardest, the first page in a new book, the first workout for a 5K, the first essay for any college application—you have to make your move.

I preach to my students, let’s don’t say TGIF every Friday. Let’s adopt TGIT (Thank God it’s Today). If you love what you do, sure you enjoy time off. Sure, you have bad days, but the ultimate payoff is you don’t consistently countdown the days from Monday to Friday each week.

It has been rewarding to see them drop “TGIT” in a paper or say it on a Friday when I pass them in a hallway.

Life is too short to be unhappy.

You only get one at-bat. It’s important to make the most of it; it’s never too late. I wanted to be a sportscaster since early elementary school and still love my work, but if someone had told me in my fifties, I would have morphed into a college professor, author, speaker “and” a sportscaster–I would have shaken my head.

Follow your passion.

Don’t count down till Friday—no more TGIFs.

Enjoy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


More happy days, our first stop in another few laps around the Naborhood. As usual, thanks for stopping by.

MY FAVORITE GOLFER: Admittedly, I’m a horrible golfer and a casual fan of the sport, but I always thought the Tour has taken itself way too seriously.

Unlike most sports, you can’t heckle these players. Why can fans yell anything in basketball when players are attempting free throws, yet it’s like a library around the greens whenever these guys attempt a putt…..??

The Masters is a bit too stuffy for me, and most golfers appear to be an endless stream of buttoned-up robotic personalities which is why I thought John Daly was a great shot in the arm on the tour for his flamboyant differences……

Recently, the PGA tour made the correct read to participate in the Netflix series, “Full Swing,” which goes behind the scenes on the tour more than any production I’ve ever seen. It gives these current golfers some needed personality and separation, often from the monotony we take in watching them every weekend.

My new leader in the clubhouse hasn’t won a Major and isn’t even in the top 10, but that’s part of his charm. He is the 86th-ranked player in the world. He is 35-year-old Joel Dahmen and has three career wins.

Why Joel? He breaks the stereotype of a PGA player for many reasons. Joel was seen taking his shirt off at the always vivacious Phoenix Open. He is self-deprecating and loyal, having known his caddie Geno for 20 years since high school. Dahmen is also inspiring, a cancer survivor and a soon-to-be father—this doc did a great job of telling his story where frankly, I think you would enjoy this series even if you weren’t a fan of the PGA.

Dahmen finished in the top 10 last year at the U.S. Open. Thanks to Full Swing and the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and can laugh at his insecurities while not being afraid to show emotion about his late mother or the bond he has with his caddie–I’m pulling for my man moving forward–the tour needs more Joel Dahmen’s.

BEST SHOES EVER: I first heard about them through singer Darius Rucker who I thought it was just a silly endorsement but friends, let me tell you, I have found the most comfortable shoe on the planet.

Founded in 2008, this line has been gaining steam for years, especially recently where in the past few months, I had heard from more and more people how great they were, but now after buying my first pair can attest–this is a must-buy for men and women.

Created by Italian designers, Crocs brought the company a year ago and has created many styles. I’m telling you these shoes are light and extremely comfortable (Hey…Dudes—please endorse me!!) They are also affordable, too—hey, dudes (and dudettes). I promise you will love your hey dudes!

A FEW MINUTES WITH SALLY: I’ve been lucky to work with a group promoting most sports movies for years. They fly us to the film’s location, we watch the movie and interview the main actors the next day and then return home to produce a story to promote the movie.

It’s been great covering Moneyball, Ford vs Ferrari, 42, and Concussion. Of all the actors I’ve interviewed, Mark Wahlberg was my favorite–down to earth and allowed me to do a fun skit where I paired many of his roles against each other to promote his “The Fighter” movie.

Recently I thought of my late Mom as I interviewed one of her favorite actors Sally Field for her recent release, “80 for Brady,” where Field, along with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Rita Moreno, depicts a real-life story of five women over 80 who bond over their love of the Patriots and their ole quarterback.

I told Sally my Mom (and sister) would love to meet her, but we only get a few questions–huge regret not getting in my last one where I wanted to combine Field’s most famous sports movies and ask her how Brady would have fared having ….Forrest Gump as his primary receiver?? We’ll never know….??!

NOBODY ASKED ME BUT…..I love Hall of Fame debates. Congrats to the well-deserving Ronde Barber for making the Pro Football Hall. It should have happened earlier. I still believe the highly underrated Fred Taylor should be in—look at his numbers!

As for baseball, I’m ok with Rafael Palmiero being left out, but still believe Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and A-Rod should eventually get in—they were Hall of Famers without using steroids. I don’t agree with Curt Schilling politically, but it’s crazy he’s not in Cooperstown and don’t get me started on my push for Pete Rose.

Fred McGriff finally gets in much too belatedly this year, and then you have Scott Rolen, which I don’t get. Rolen was great defensively but was never an MVP and didn’t own any milestone numbers (only 2077 hits, 316 homers, and 1287 RBI–that’s good, not great). If you let Rolen in, it opens the door for many like Dale Murphy and Steve Garvey, who had MUCH better careers.

I get those analytics are helping some of these players, but I guess I”m just old school—-I judge it by the eye test and more traditional numbers, and those digits don’t compute a HOF invite for Rolen.

EXTRA POINT: I just can’t get excited about the USFL or XFL—-they keep trying, but I can’t buy in.


Mike Nabors


PHOTO CREDITS: The Golf Channel, hrmforce, Ethos3,Atlanta Braves, USA Today sports, KSDK



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