Kids these days…..

Can’t blame em, they couldn’t help when they were born but now they’re smack dab in the middle of quite the “new” normal.

Or Abnormal–depending on your perspective.

These Kiddos think it’s normal to have the Cubs playing in the World Series or the city of Cleveland on the verge of not one (basketball) but maybe two World Titles??

Hell is freezing over folks.

The youth today may think every election cycle is like this….


Sorry to get political, just trying to prove my point.

The kids today don’t have to worry about taking a typing class. No need for maps when you possess a GPS, who needs encyclopedias when you have Google and they likely never will have to buy a camera separate from their phone…?

Good for them, but you have to wonder what they have to look forward to.

Hard to imagine a bigger sports drought than Chicago or Cleveland in the next century and it’s even harder to fathom a more insane political season?

Can only imagine what technology will bring in five, ten or twenty years from now?

The normal meter is ever changing and seemingly wide ranging.

Don’t worry kids, you’ll be saying the same thing to your grandkids…

“The new normal”- our first stop in another abnormal tour around the Naborhood, as always, thanks for stopping by.

THANK YOU CUBBIES! Speaking of never saying never—who would have ever thought that those NFL ratings would actually be on the decline this season?!  I think there are a number of reasons for that—too many games (Thursday games are ridiculous), you have an arrogant and inconsistent Commissioner or could it heaven forbid be that some just care more about the Cubbies’ historical run….?

I’ll take the Cubbies over the Jaguars against the Texans any day–sure they’re not going head to head but this Cubs’ Climb is making NFL action look, well, pedestrian.

Baseball is my favorite sport but I have to admit, I haven’t paid much attention to the postseason since my Rays were in it—and that was eight years ago?!

I don’t think I watched an inning of last year ‘s when Kansas City won but a year later, the Cubbies have us all watching. I think it goes back to the “when you don’t care, you pull for the underdog” mentality, but this is like rooting for an underdog on Steroids. Sorry to bring up steroids baseball but has there ever been a bigger lonesome loser than a franchise whose ticket for a current World Series game costs more than buying the franchise “itself” back when these Cubbies last won it? In 1908!


You see more Cubby swag in airports and shopping malls these days. I have a lot of friends who have been waiting on this for years and I’m happy for them. For some reason I put a Cubs bumper sticker on my first car because I always had an affinity for this team and maybe growing up in Florida, we didn’t have a franchise so the Cubs were old faithful. I think that was the case for several of my buddies who grew up without a hometown team in their state. For example, a lot of Cubs fans reside in Louisiana.

What’s not to like about the Cubbies–Manager Joe Maddon seems like an uncle you could have beers with and who could have anything but love for the team’s token celebrity spokesman in the man, the myth, the Murray…


My main beef with this World Series–Wrigley Field should have had the home field advantage. Please for the love of God, stop giving it to the league that won the silly All-Star Game. The Cubs won NINE more games than the Indians this year but because a pack of Royals won a meaningless All-Star game in the middle of July–they lose home field?

That’s more ridiculous than the curse of the Billy Goat. If the Cubs win–please have Steve Bartman through out the first pitch next season—that would still be more exciting than the Jaguars and the Texans….

BEST TV SHOWS….EVER? Rolling Stone came out with an interesting article recently breaking down the top 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time?

It’s certain nobody will ever agree on this one but the magazine did its homework by bringing together an interesting mix of actors, writers, producers, critics and even showrunners. The likes of Carl Reiner chipped in and amazingly so did the late Garry Marshall shortly before his death over the summer.

There are some big surprises here as in a huge upset, “Freaks and Geeks” is ranked nine spots ahead of “Cheers” ?!. Then you had “Beavis & Butt-head” coming in five positions higher than “Happy Days


Uh…..sorry the Fonz was way cooler than these dorks….

Everything from American Idol to The Dick Van Dyke Show to The Golden Girls to Dallas and the Real World made the cut but let’s compare my top five to Rolling Stone’s. I think I would agree with the magazine more if I had watched more TV lately…

BEST TV SHOWS EVER (courtesy Rolling Stone)

(1) The Sopranos ( Hard to disagree with them here, I would put this one on top too, saw every episode)

(2) The Wire (have never seen this show but my number two would be Cheers–such a great cast and well rounded show–can’t believe it was 20 on this list)

(3)Breaking Bad (have never heard from anyone whose seen this that they don’t like it—can’t wait to make time for it but for now, I’m gonna go with “All in The Family“–again, great cast and was way ahead of its time.

(4) Mad Men (again I need to get out more or maybe stay in more…never have seen this either but have heard excellent reviews—so in it’s stead my choice is The Office–miss Michael Scott and Dwight)

(5) Seinfeld (I thought the show was good but never loved it like many of my friends did, I like Curb your Enthusiasm much more and would put it here)

BIGGEST OMISSION: I can’t believe such a through list didn’t include Sanford and Son? You’re gonna tell me they are gonna rank “The Ren & Stimpy Show“, “The Muppet Show,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and not have Fred Sanford, Demond and my man Grady in the top 100? To quote Fred “You Big Dummy.” Unbelievable?!


Funny their list of the worst TV shows included: Duck Dynasty, Northern Exposure and Joanie Loves Chachi…..hard to defend those decisions.

HELL OR HIGH WATER: I clearly need to watch more TV and don’t know about you but I haven’t seen many movies this year? The best one I’ve seen is the recent release “Hell or High Water,” which is well produced, shot and once again shows why Jeff Bridges is one of the best in the business.


Once “The Dude,” Bridges is now the old school Texas Ranger Marcus whose last act before retirement is chasing down a pair of brothers who in a somewhat modern version of Robin Hood plan a series of bank robberies to plot against a bank about to foreclose on their family ranch.

Some great acting here and some unforgettable scenes (especially the one at the gas station–you’ll thank me later?!)—just a great old school meets new school movie—love Bridges and I think you’ll like this one too.

NOBODY ASKED ME, BUT… Kudos recently to the New Orleans Saints for bringing to light an extra special 14 year old young man–Jarrius “JJ” Robertson.


The Saints call him “Li”l JJ” who was born with biliary atresia, a liver disease that effects his growth. JJ had a liver transplant when he was only a year old and would spend the next year of his life in a coma—yes an entire year. The little man has beaten the long odds in a BIG way.

JJ is special to make it to the age of 14 but also special in the way he carries himself around the Saints. The team visited him in the hospital a year ago and his confidence immediately made an impression on many of the players–so much so–they invited him in to practice and flew him with them to Kansas City last week as their “Social Media Reporter.” They signed him to a one week contract.


JJ isn’t afraid to speak his mind, calling out players in practice, asking Head Coach Sean Payton candid questions in press conferences and recently telling a few Carolina Panthers who were warming up in the Superdome before a game, “Don’t dance in my endzone.”

I had a chance to meet him in Kansas City where he danced during our live shot together—his Dad told me his whole life is dedicated to his son where he is still waiting for a new liver and they could use all the help they can.

Click link to donate to Go Fund Me Account to Help Jarrius Robertson

Keep on dancin JJ–you’re an inspiration to us all!

EXTRA POINT: Halloween is the best holiday of the year—low overhead but the upside is huge—hey Trick or Treaters—keep the Tootsie Rolls and Twixs comin kiddos…..


Mike Nabors


PHOTO CREDITS: Newsweek,,TV Guide, New Orleans Advocate/Matthew Hinton, Mike Judge MTV, & CBS Films


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